Written byJohn Michael Bauer

Published in

About "Maneus"

Maneus is a surreal fantasy novel told in fragments of short lives. A generational curse - generational trauma - moves from family to family, hymn to harmony, father to son. Whether it's maintaining a simple life in a complex world, or finding meaning in long conversations, each generation finds themselves at the bottom of a cheap cup of coffee at a dirty corner store. From the corruption of a modern city, unmarked paths across snow capped mountains, and a flight from the distant shores, there's adventure waiting in the drama between destiny and humanity's last hope. Whatever it takes to take one step further into the chaos.

  • Fantasy
  • Surreal
  • Epic
  • Family Saga
ISBN979-8859764891pages658purchaseAmazonlanguageEnglishformatsPaperback, KindlepublisherIndependently published
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